Our highly profitable weekend football fixed odds forecasts are generated by a sophisticated computer software package. This superb program holds results and statistics going back more than two decades and can forecast the result of any given match using any number of methods.

But best of all, it cleverly analyses its own success rate using all the various forecasting methods
available. This means the selection process used on any particular match is always the most accurate possible!

We put this phenomenal piece of software to work every week throughout the year to provide our members with highly profitable forecasts.

Our weekend advice provides forecasts covering the best ‘Homes’ and ‘Aways’ plus
cash generating ‘Double Result’ forecasts that are proving to be a bookmakers’ nightmare! For instance, our members won almost £32,000.00 in one week betting to just £10 stakes!

Our value trebles are also proving to be a regular source of income! We provide up to three trebles each weekend that are designed to exploit the weak spots on the football fixed odds coupons. The bookmakers do make mistakes and when they do, we make sure our members cash in!

Our much acclaimed weekend football fixed odds forecasts are sent direct to you by email every week.

All you need to do is copy the forecasts onto a football coupon or place your bets online - follow the action and then...

Collect Your Winnings!

Join our Private Syndicate on a FREE TRIAL basis and get the odds
'fixed' in your favour!

Information for midweek matches are provided with our daily sports betting tips so you will never miss an opportunity to make money!


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